Inventory Management System

Our Inventory Management Software is designed to meet the demands of the diverse industrial sector, spread worldwide. Our computer based software system allows the manufacturing companies to keep track of inventory structure, orders, sales and deliverables. The system assists in avoiding product overstock, as well as shortage.

Originator InfoTech's Inventory management software comprises of a list of elements, working cordially to ensure an updated and reliable inventory database. The features include:

Order management

This feature assist the organization is avoiding the shortage or overstocking of the inventory. The system is programmed to inform the administrator to reorder the product, in case the level reaches a certain threshold.

Asset tracking

Complete tracking of product in storage or warehouse via serial number, barcode or numbering.

Student's Record Management, which include:

  • The student's personal details, e.g. Name, Birthday, Gender etc,
  • The student's digital photo,
  • The student's contact details,
  • The personal and contact details of parents (or next-of-kin),
  • The student's subject list,
  • The student's absenteeism record,
  • The student's disciplinary record,
  • The student's school-fee account,
  • The student's full academic record - tests & marks,

Product identification

The system also allows the user to identify the product in the inventory via Barcodes attached to the product. A barcode reader reads the barcodes, and checks the details on the product, which they are assignment to.

Advantages of Inventory Management System Cost savings

Originator InfoTech's Inventory Management Software assists in cutting the expenses, by avoiding the storage of excess or unnecessary inventory in storage. It also helps organization in full-filing the requirements by keeping enough stock-on-hand, to meet demand.

Increased efficiency

Our meticulously designed Inventory management software enhances the efficiency of business, as it automatically collects the data, make calculations, and manage records.

Automatic data Updates

Enable the organizations to have Up-to-date, real-time data on inventory conditions. User just needs to access the software, and check the inventory level for latest figures.

Data security

The software also includes multiple-user feature. Different users can access the information. however, they cannot manipulate the original figures. This ensures that the information is safe at all times.