School Assistant

This window-based multi-user application is developed specifically to meet the ever-growing demands of school-administration and school-data management. The application is designed in a clear and concise manner, with easy to understand features, functionalities and comfortable navigation.

School Assistant application was designed after gathering the requirements of various schools around the country. We have meticulously planned, conceptualize and developed the application to meet the varied and complex requirements of the school administrations.

Here at Originator InfoTech, we understand that every bit of information is important for the management, and to collect and present the information in an understandable format is essential for the effective management of schools.

Our School Assistant Application helps in Student's Record Management, which include:

  • The student's personal details, e.g. Name, Birthday, Gender etc,
  • The student's digital photo,
  • The student's contact details,
  • The personal and contact details of parents (or next-of-kin),
  • The student's subject list,
  • The student's absenteeism record,
  • The student's disciplinary record,
  • The student's school-fee account,
  • The student's full academic record - tests & marks,

Features and benefits:

  • Easy to integrate with other modules,
  • Simple student record search, through various fields
  • Flexible reporting capability,
  • Database of the student's academics, even if the student moves from one school to another
  • Easy to export records to various file-formats
  • Easy to generate various departmental student reports,
  • Easy to print Report card
  • Easy checking of student records via in-built Query-Builder,

Staff Record Management, which include:

  • Complete details, e.g. Staff Name, Birthday, etc,
  • A digital photograph,
  • The staff member's contact details like phone number, address, email-ID
  • The staff member's previous experience, employment and contractual details,
  • The staff member's subject expertise list
  • The staff member's leave record,
  • The staff member's disciplinary record,
  • The staff member's time-table,

Features and benefits:

  • Easy to integrate with other modules,
  • Simple-search feature via various fields,
  • Record provides comprehensive reporting facility
  • Easy to export the record data to various file-formats