Slaes CRM

Originator InfoTech offers efficient and reliable CRM solutions, without any compromise. Our CRM software provides comprehensive information about internal sales, product and client interactions. This helps organizations in collaborating and reporting effectively to the inquiries and sales opportunities.

Our CRM web-application includes following features:
Account & Contact Management

  • Comprehensive information about clients
  • All-in-one record of all customer interactions
  • Assign ownership, establish account hierarchies, and track lead sources and status
  • Information sharing of the customers' interaction with teams at all points

Sales Process Automation

  • Improved and standardized sales processes to increase sales possibilities
  • Enable user to define sales process structure, assign objectives, and much more
  • Assign processes based on various aspects
  • Automate scheduling of follow-up activities

Quotes & Orders

  • Automate customer-facing price quotes
  • Swift and efficient generation of sales orders
  • Track quote and order history
  • Integrate with other departments to check the customers' previous credentials

Sales Productivity Tools

  • Competition tracker
  • Comprehensive list of Store proposals, RFI/RFP templates, sales presentations, etc.
  • Easy and rapid search of customer and account information

Alerts & Notifications

  • Complete track record of deals, to manage and close successfully
  • Alerts service via e-mail, phone, or web browser
  • Automated data monitoring and alert system

Sales Forecasting

  • Sales forecast, depending on the account, territory, or region
  • Graphical representation of the forecast, for real-time display of data
  • Forecast reports with graphical details

Complete Analytics & Reporting

  • Comprehensive analysis of sales campaigns, efficiency and revenue generation by lead source
  • Complete evaluation of sales team performance and implementation of strategic improvements
  • Detailed reporting of Sales, along with real-time data

Complete Analytics & Reporting

  • Access your CRM data on mobile devices such as the iPhone, iPad, Android and BlackBerry
  • Work offline/online over a network or the Web and later synchronize
  • Handle customer details, account, order tracking, support, and leads
  • View and edit information via mobile device

Complete MS Office & Outlook Integration
Complete Back Office Integration