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Retail Billing Application

Our Web/Windows-based multi-user application is an ideal solution for all your retail merchandise management related requirements. It helps in keeping track of store inventory, as well as the billing information in the retail store. With comprehensive set of features, the software application enables you to store all information related to the shop, accounts, sales persons and your customers.

The software application is designed specifically to handle the daily task of retail management in your store. It serves as a single Point-of-Sales (POS). The user-friendly and easy to understand functionalities allows you to have a competitive edge among you competitors.

Originator Infomatics Retail and Billing application comprises of following features:

  • Point-of-sales Billing
  • Inventory and Stock Management
  • Purchase and Sales Tracking

Other Features of Our Software Application Include

  • Web –Desktop Management.
  • Handle Single/Multi Chain Store
  • Designed to work Online as well as Offline
  • Completely automated stock consolidation and reports.
  • Efficient in Pricing with Taxes, Discounts and Offers.
  • Provides real time sales information, enable sales tracking and statistics.
  • Provides forecast.
  • Complete integration with Barcode Readers, Printers and Display.

Advantages of Our Retail & Billing Application Software

  • Easy to customize
  • Efficient and cost effective
  • 24/7 connectivity with all your stores over web.
  • Easy management of stocks
  • Simple and efficient Pricing system
  • User-friendly Retail Billing Software
  • Easy reports generation to keep you on-track.
  • Automatic updated sales information system.
  • Multi-facet application
  • Comprehensive report generation with detailed information.

Here at Originator Infomatics, we understand the meaning of Inventory Management. Our retail and billing application software also enable you to manage inventory related records along with the sales. It assists in keeping track on stock level, i.e. overstocking, shortage, etc.

Our system also sends automatic alerts, as and when needed. This helps in avoiding time-lapse in order and product identification. The overall system enables you to run and manage your store in an efficient manner.